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Fast food chain KFC has been given a battering over "misleading" claims that fresh chicken is delivered daily to each branch.

The company broadcast an advertisement which showed a young chef lovingly dusting a tray of chicken on the bone with flour. The chef then said: "The secret to producing the best food is using the right ingredients. Like this chicken, came in fresh this morning."

A voice-over at the end of the advert added: "KFC. Fresh, on the bone chicken, every store, every day." But the Advertising Standards Authority found that, because the meat was only delivered to branches three times a week, the advert should not be shown again in its current form. It said: "We understood that chicken on the bone was delivered three times a week to KFC restaurants. "However, we considered the claims ‘came in fresh this morning’ and ‘fresh chicken on the bone, every store, every day’ implied that the chicken was delivered daily. "We concluded that the ad was likely to give viewers a misleading impression of the frequency of deliveries." Twenty viewers contacted the ASA about the advert. They also complained the advert implied all the food was prepared on site, but this was rejected. While there were "a couple of brief shots of salad preparation and gravy being stirred" the advert concentrated on one product, chicken on the bone, the ASA said.

It also dismissed complaints the broadcast would lead viewers to believe the meat was grilled not fried, as most consumers would know that the ‘F’ in KFC stands for "Fried".


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